Who Are We?



Alternatives-Badael was founded in 2013 and advocates for the right to origins so that the child is not separated from the biological family unless it is the last resort. Our organization works in a way that the best interests of both the child and the mother are maintained throughout the separation process, which requires having the right to access to information and to reconnect. Currently 28000 children are placed into alternative care services in Lebanon whereas recent studies have shown that only 4000 children are in actual need for such services. Parallel to this some 10000 children were adopted internationally as of the early 1960s in Lebanon. Lebanon is witnessing their coming back and quest for the lost identity. Many indicators confirm that child trafficking for international adoption is still practiced and it is aggravated with the refugees’ crisis resulting from the Syrian war. The forced separation is practiced in Lebanon within the absence of any civil law that governs the separation of children in need for alternative care measures beyond the law 422, ratified in 2002, and which focuses on alternative protectionmeasures for children at risk.

Vision of Badael

It is committed to give a voice for those affected by the separation mainly the children and their biological mother.

Mission of Badael

It is a non-governmental organization advocating for the right to origins for those who were separated from the care of their biological parents through the “Abandonment” phenomena or through placement into alternative care settings yielding separation from origins.