Separation from the biological families is a worldwide phenomenon yielding to severe violation of child and human rights. Children are said to become invisibles as they lose contact with their origins.

For millions of children, the main cause of their invisibility is a violation of their right to protection resulting from the lack or loss of formal identification; inadequae State protection for children without parental care and the mishandling of the so called unable biologic mothers and the exploitation of children through trafficking.

48 million children is the estimated number of those who were not registered as per the State of the World Children Report 2006 while 55% of births are estimated to slip out of registration every year in the Arab World including Lebanon.
Making children visibles requires establishing a protective environment; hence, every child should be entitled to:

  • a formal identity,
  • inclusion in birth registration, 
  • the right to acquire a nationality 
  • the right to know and be cared for by the biological parents
  • the right to reconnect with the biological family whenever this is made possible

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